Monday, February 12, 2018

Random July post

Here is my monthly Random
July post!

Sleepy Lewis

My personal Hair stylists!

First day of school!
Owen ~ 3rd Grade
Livvy ~ 1st Grade

Happy Lewis!

Zoo fun!

Pretending Daddy is a
motorcycle! :)

Lewis faces!

Trying out no heat curlers


Nope, Lewis isn't loved at all!

Lewis loves his book and blanket 
from his Great Aunt Kaylene

Snuggle time!

Milk drunk baby!

 Sleeping cutie!

Red juice face!

Livvy lost her first tooth!


I found this SUPER awesome free
Harry Potter event at the Louisville Public Library!

It was so fun!

First we got our fortune told!

Then a walk down Diagon Ally!

Lewis and Dobby!

Next we went to
get sorted!
Owen and Livvy both got

Harry Potter Glasses!

Luna Glasses

Craft time!

Flying a broom!

 Great hall!

Wand Making

Quidditch  time!

It was seriously so much fun!
Not pictured was Butterbeer and astronomy class.