Saturday, May 20, 2017


The day before Easter we dyed eggs!

Sunday morning, before church, we had
an egg hunt and they got their Easter baskets.

Then off to Church!

Here is my attempt to get all four kids
in a picture on Easter!

Happy Easter!

Jenna and Ashley’s visit day 6

The day Lewis got discharged from the hospital
I decided some fresh air would do me and Lewis some good!

So we headed to the Louisville Zoo!

It was so amazing to be out in the sunshine and fresh air!

No one even looked at Lewis and he just stayed in his stroller for most
of the time and didn't cough at all! I really think being outside helped his lungs!

After the Zoo we went home and hung out and played!

It was so much fun!
We LOVED having Jenna and Ashley here!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Jenna’s adventures while I was in the hospital

Thank goodness Jenna was here while I was in the 
hospital with Lewis for RSV!

This is what she did while taking care of my kiddos for me!

Playing at Grantline School park!

They went and saw Boss baby

They went to the Big four walking bridge!

Thank you Jenna for being here and being 
an amazing support both physically and emotionally!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lewis' Hospital stay

Lewis had been stuffy and doing a little coughing
for a few days but, Sunday night of Jenna's visit, around 10pm
Lewis started struggling to breath and started retracting!

Thank goodness Jenna was here! She stayed with the big kids while me
and Trent took Lewis to the ER.

Once at the ER they took us right back and hooked Lewis up to 
oxygen monitor and gave him a breathing treatment. They also tested him for
RSV and the Flu. While we waited to hear back about the tests they pretty
much just left us a lone with a very sick baby.

I have to say I am not very impressed with the care we received at the hospital...
Anyway, the test came back positive for RSV and they admitted us to
the hospital to treat Lewis' symptoms.

I sent Trent home once we knew Lewis was being admitted so he could
get some sleep and work the next day.

Lewis and I waited in the ER to be moved to our room until about 2:30am.
Once we were in our room we waited another hour before the nurse came and checked us in 
and hooked Lewis up to monitors and suctioned him and gave him another breathing treatment.

We weren't settled in our room until 5am. I was SOOOOOO tired!

Monday morning Trent brought me essentials before going to work and then 
later that day Jenna brought me everything else I would need for the next few days.

Monday Lewis did ok, he just needed to be suctioned every couple hours. Then Monday night
at about 1 am he kind of stopped breathing! We had about 6 people in his room really FAST!
They suctioned him, gave him a breathing treatment
 and gave him oxygen then we watched him really closely for a few more hours.
He was able to come off oxygen at about 9am and the doctor came to see him around noon.

The Doctor wanted to keep him another night because of his episode and I was just
fine with that, it was really scary!

He did GREAT the rest of Tuesday and Tuesday night!
 We were able to go home Wednesday Morning!

We were so glad when we got to go home!