Sunday, April 8, 2018


Easter this year fell on LDS General Conference
so we didn't have to go to church Easter morning.

We had a low key morning with a quick egg hunt and 
then candy eating and conference watching.

Tea Party time!

Kynslie and I decided to have a 
tea party during Lewis' nap and it was so fun!

I'm going to miss our time together during 
Lewis' nap when she starts school in July!


Between being sick and business
being slow we weren't able to go anywhere for spring break.
I have found that my kids don't care where the hotel is
as long as it has a pool and they get to spend the night.

I found a good deal at a local hotel and off we went
for a night of swimming and "sleeping" in a hotel!

They had a blast! Kids are so easy to please!

Random March Post!

Random March post!

Being serenaded by Lewis and Kynslie!

Ice cream is yummy!

Shopping with Mom is exhausting

Cute new spring outfits

All aboard the hair train!

Livvy loves her Lewis!

Cute Kynslie

This was our first day of spring!

More church riding fun!

Lewis fell down the stairs and thankfully 
all that happened were these couple bumps on the top of his head.

Owen's first ER visit

We had put Owen to bed around 9pm and
at 10pm we heard crying coming from Owen.
Trent went to check on him and gave him Ibuprofen and he calmed down.
About a half hour later we just hear this awful crying and thuds so 
we both run upstairs and Owen is burning up, has a rash everywhere and
isn't making any sense. I can tell he is about vomit so I haul him to the bathroom
where he vomits everywhere! 
After we get him settled down a bit I call the nurse hotline for our insurance and
tell them his symptoms and that I think he has strep.
The nurse told me I should take him in because of him not making sense along with the other symptoms. I take him to the Children's hospital in KY at about 11:30 pm.
Two hours later we are home with medicine and a diagnosis of strep.
Poor kid started off his spring break with strep :(

Lunch and shopping at Costco

We like to live it up here in the 
Smith household! For some spring break fun 
we went and had lunch at Costco!

Cooking Mac and Cheese!

Cooking Mac and Cheese 
with Kynslie and Lewis!